What is written abouit me……

Exuberant, understated. Robust, subtle. And everything in between. The paintings are a reflection of what takes place in her (emotional) life. You could compare it to a kind of diary. From which you as a spectator can take a page home.
When she gets to work, she has no idea what she's going to make. Surrounded by music, cut off from the world, in her studio in an old DE factory in Joure, the images come naturally. Layer upon layer she applies the paint to the canvas, with spatulas, rollers and sometimes a brush, she allows herself to be guided by her emotions. The color palette is also created in this way.

As she says herself, “the image is there before the word”.

That explains the theme of the paintings. In most paintings, you can certainly discover a landscape, a reflection of the Frisian vistas. The mudflats, the meadows and the seasons. But also so now and then human figures; the man, shadows, the reunion.

Fransje is self-taught. About 25 years ago she turned her life around and started painting. Now the canvases are going all over the world. It has been a long and intense journey of experimenting with materials, techniques and especially a lot of painting and returning as close as possible to your own inner self.